Sunday, May 21, 2006

Thursday, April 27, 2006


We carry a large selection of gamer cases that all come with a minimum 400 watt psu


Looking to upgrade to an LCD monitor? Let us help! We carry a large selection of LCD monitors ranging from 15" to 22". Our prices are among the lowest on these products.
LCD monitors not only are slim and save room but picture quality and life of an LCD monitor are very high.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Don't Miss The Specials!!

We have Many Specials Running contact us today to get more information
(607)207-1914 or (607)732-8472 Dennis Derr II (CompDoc)Monday-Thursday 8:00am til 8:00pm
Chemung Flea-market Friday,Saterday,Sunday 8:00am til 4:00pm

Product List

*Barebone Kits
*CD/DVD Burners
*Cooling Products
*Desktop PCs
*Digital Cameras
*Hard Drives
*Power supplies
*Plasma/LCD/DLP TV
Much More Available!!

Capture the moment

This lightweight 5.1 mega pixel microtec digital video camera makes the perfect gift for someone or even yourself. With a 2.0 inch lcd screen this camera has a playback option,built in audio recorder, 30fps, mp3 player, red eye reduction, digital zoom, and many more features At a price of only $130.99 This makes a great camera for a great buy

Monday, April 03, 2006


We use Machspeed and biostar motherboards in all of our custom built PC'S. They are very dependable and almost never have any problems. Most Machspeed boards also come with a CPU. Other brands available if requested.


Comp Doc
Dennis Derr II
(607) 207-1914 or (607)732-8472
Also Visit Our Booth At the Chemung Flea-Market Located on route 17

Chemung Flea Market


Name: Chemung Flea Market
Address: St Rt 17
Operates:friday Saturday & Sunday
Hours open to the public: 8 am - 4 pm
Dealers: 20 to 30
Booths: 30
Rent: $ 100.00 mo for 10 x 10
Customers: 200 + per day
Is there a parking fee? no
on State Rt 17 @ Fountain Lane
We are open year round, Indoor and outdoor vendors


In todays fast paced world many people use their PC for business. Many people also use the PC to game. Want to speed things up? Switch to AMD today and see the performance enhancement!!

We also have many L.C.D Monitors at the very best prices. L.C.D monitors are not only space savers on the desk, they also have a longer life than the C.R.T monitors. Most L.C.D monitors also have built in speakers and optional T.V tuners. Start saving space today with the sleek L.C.D monitor.


We offer many different brands of hardware and software. We do not charge a bench fee unlike most most stores in the area.
Ad-aware,spyware $15.00
virus removal $20.00
installation of parts $18.00
installation of OP system $25.00
In home asstance $varys
Build to order computers $45.00
Call Us today for More information